Stop Losing Your Glasses!

According to the Vision Council of America, about 64% of adults wear prescription eyeglasses. According to informal polls, 100% of them have lost at least one pair.

Seem trivial? The National Organization of Organizing Professionals reports the average American spends one year searching for lost or misplaced items. Can you spare one year of your life rummaging through sofa cushions and digging through your bag?

Then there’s the financial cost. The average pair of prescription lenses costs $260 in 2016. But what if you spend much more on a pair of Tom Ford or Bvlgari frames? You’ll probably cry.

Inventor F. Thomas Godart realized the scope of this problem personally (yes, he admits to losing his glasses. No, he won’t tell us how many times.) He wanted to offer the world an answer, not just for lost eyeglasses, but also to protect against scratches and breaks. After years of studying commercially-available glasses cases and testing them to destruction, Tom engineered the perfect solution. He hasn’t managed to lose a single pair of glasses since.

He calls it EyeCarry.

EyeCarry is much more than an eyeglasses case — it’s a totally portable bodyguard for your treasured lenses that calls for help if you try to lose them. Misplaced? After a few clicks on your smartphone, you’ll know where to look.

Bluetooth-enabled case pings your phone if you’re more than 100 feet (30 m) away
Gator Clip clasps your belt or purse strap and keeps EyeCarry secure
GPS-powered find-my-glasses feature saves time and headaches
Rugged yet refined, stylish enough for the boardroom
Nearly universal fit (suitable for most styles worn today)
EyeCarry is available in:

Save your glasses (and your sanity) for a fraction of the price of a trip to the optometrist. Check out today! Stop looking. Start seeing.

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