1. How long will it take to be shipped?
The ship date stated in Kickstarter is based upon potential manufacture and carrier logistic expectations and we believe the EyeCarry cases will be provided within four months from the successful funding date of our Kickstarter campaign.

2. Will the EyeCarry case fit my sunglasses, or just my reading glasses?
EyeCarry was developed with the guidance and suggestions of industry experts and with the expectation that all eyewear typically worn will fit into the EyeCarry case. We believe that over 90% of glasses typically worn will fit easily and comfortably within the internal EyeCarry dimensions (28.1mm x 147.5mm x 45.3mm).

3. Does the EyeCarry case come with a warranty?
We guarantee all our EyeCarry cases from defects in workmanship and manufacturer materials and has a limited one year manufacturer’s warranty. This limited warranty is valid only to the original purchaser with a proof of purchase that clearly shows the purchase details. The EyeCarry warranty does not cover any defects due to improper use, improper repair, physical damage, neglect & improper fit. Your exclusive remedy for breach of warranty will be the repair or replacement of the item as determined by EyeCarry. This warranty does not affect the legal rights of customers under applicable state or national laws governing the sales of consumer goods. Any alteration of the product will void warranty.

4. Does the case use an app, and if so, is it available on Android and iPhone?
Yes, the revolutionary beacon technology synchs directly to your Android and iPhone devices using a free customized EyeCarry app that is downloadable from Itunes/google play store and simple and easy to open and use.

5. What is the return policy on the EyeCarry case?
EyeCarry strives to satisfy its customers by offering them quality products and great service. If you are not pleased and you wish to return the item you have bought from EyeCarry for a refund or exchange, please follow the steps outlined below:
Make your return within 30 days of making your purchase.
Provide a receipt or anything else that shows you made a valid purchase.
EyeCarry is not liable for packages that are lost or damaged.
Please allow up to 10 days for your refund to be processed.

6. How far can the Bluetooth Technology go?
The revolutionary beacon technology allows for a gentle push notification to your mobile device when you are separated from your EyeCarry by 300 feet, if the case is within 50 feet of your location it will let you know, and it also has a last known location feature if it has been too long before you have realized that you have lost your case.

7. How does the lost and found technology in EyeCarry work?
Just like your hands free feature in your car, the beacon can transmit a signal to your phone at all times. This means that anytime you misplace your case, simply open your mobile app and allow your phone to pinpoint where the signal is coming from.

8. Will wearing the case be bothersome?
No, quite the opposite! The case was designed to fit snug around the hip section. Similarly, the case is large enough to fit nearly all reading glasses, yet small and thin enough as to not interfere with the natural path of your arm motion as you stand, walk or even run. It also is the perfect match with its own specialty clasp to fit into or on your fashionable purse, fasten to your briefcase or backpack for that easy “always find” feeling.