Accessories have always been essential components of the fashionable ensemble and serve as important objects for understanding how women express their personal identities, says a new exhibition in New York City at the Museum of Fashion Institute of Technology. Accessories communicate socially constructed ideas, including femininity, sexuality, modesty, race, class, power, and modernity, as well as illuminate changes in the broader social landscape. Although they are often seen as ancillary to garments, fashion accessories have become so central that they are hardly an accessory anymore, says the exhibit’s director and chief curator.

But what is an essential accessory? Wearable accessories for women include shoes, jewelry, scarves, hats, and optical accessories like eyewear and sunglasses. Who doesn’t remember Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s with her iconic sunglasses? Or how about Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada using her eyeglasses to give a withering look to a Vogue magazine assistant? All of these fashion accessories promote a woman’s individual style.

No matter which eyeglasses or sunglasses you choose to accessorize your wardrobe, a practical, beautiful, functional case will be essential. Cases keep your eyeglasses and sunglasses from being broken, dented, scratched, or misplaced. There’s nothing worse, or expensive, than trying to get your prescriptive glasses replaced on quick notice.

But if you’re a busy woman with a career and family to balance, you’ll require an eyeglass case that is easy to locate, fully functional, fashion-forward, and can withstand the rigors of your life. Important emails and documents need to be scrutinized wearing your eyeglasses. If you’re on vacation at the beach, you’ll need a case to keep your sunglasses from being damaged by sunscreen lotion or sand. Large totes packed with your kid’s toys and snacks might endanger your eyeglasses or shades.

One of the most stylish cases on the market for special women is an EyeCarry case. These sleek fashionable cases are both functional and sophisticated as they accentuate a woman’s exterior style, securely clasped in a complimentary color to any handbag or purse, always within easy reach to store your glasses or sunglasses. After spending two years to develop the best eyeglass case on the market, its inventor unveiled a new product that has never been seen before. It answered all of the challenges that women face with owning eyeglasses. It is discreet and small enough to easily fit into a woman’s handbag. The patented design of an EyeCarry case has a special clip engineered to clasp tightly to purse handles, tote bags, and suitcases.

No need to worry about your wardrobe’s color scheme either. As your clothing changes during the different seasons, EyeCarry has a number of beautiful color palettes that are best for you. Choose between such delicious shades as Caviar, Saddle, Sapphire, Slate, Aquamarine, Praline, and Blush.

EyeCarry’s inventor even added a unique system so that the eyeglass case can always be located. Whether you’ve misplaced your own eyeglasses or your children are playing hide and seek with Mom’s glasses, the EyeCarry case is embedded with BlueTooth technology and a GPS locator beacon. Unlike other cases on the market, your case will ping your phone if you’re more than 100 feet away. You’ll never need to spend endless hours searching for your eyeglasses again.

During the design phase of an EyeCarry case, its inventor took the unusual time to ensure that the case is practical, beautiful, and functional for women. He hired a team of industrial engineers and fashion designers to create the perfect high-end case. It is the world’s first glasses case to open outwards to display its eyeglasses. This aesthetical and highly functional design is one of the first optical accessories with this feature. As your friends and co-workers start to see your unique eyeglass case, you’ll be rewarded with compliments about your smart choice.

Today’s modern woman is paying a lot more attention to the details of their fashion ensemble. They recognize that what they wear matters. Deliberate choices help to define the perception of who they are, give them confidence, and increase their ego and self-image due to their clothing and accessory choices. Having a stylish pair of glasses and sunglasses to top off your outfit engenders the need for an equally stylish and protective case. The affordable EyeCarry eyeglass case is the perfect optical accessory for women.