Stop Looking. Start Seeing, A Better Way To Store And Access Your Glasses, This is Not Your Typical Case, Patented Premium Protection

The Leslie Jordan Line

$5 from each case sold will go towards Leslie’s favorite charity, EB Research

Leslie Jordan Beige EyeCarry Case

$29.99 $20.99

Leslie Jordan Pink EyeCarry Case

$29.99 $20.99


EyeCarry doesn’t just look beautiful, it serves a purpose.


EyeCarry is designed to never leave your side in an accidental fashion. The patented design has a specialty clip engineered to clasp tightly to nearly any belt and the case’s sleek design fits perfectly in any handbag or purse. It serves to have a designated space for your glasses and protect them from damage.


In addition to being the World’s first glasses case to open outwards, EyeCarry was designed in tandem by a team of industrial engineers and fashion designers in order to provide a highly functional, yet aesthetic accessory.


  • Patented Open Face Access.
  • Premium Protection For Your Glasses.
  • Silver & Gold Security Clamps with High End Belt Clip.
  • Soft Premium Vegan Leather In Fashion Trending Colors.

This is not your typical case

The EyeCarry case solves problems. Broken glasses, bent frames, and lost cases are everyday problems experienced by those of us who wear glasses.
Where to put our glasses as we move about the day is another challenge, resulting in placing them on our heads, clipped to our shirts, or hanging from loose clothing.

What people are saying

When I’m at a meeting, on an airplane traveling, what do I do with my glasses? I’ve lost so many, I’ve dropped so many! This is the perfect solution! It’s a better way to store and access my glasses


Never has a case been designed with such intuitive functionality or brilliant aesthetic appeal. EyeCarry solves the age old problem of “where did I leave my glasses?” with a smart yet attractive design.

The most versatile case
Be the first to get your hands on the most functional and fashionable eyeglass case.

Your wearable companion

Beyond a fashion statement,
it’s a smart accessory!


red eyecarry case for eyeglasses
eyecarry case in dark navy
gray eyecarry case
royal blue