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Never Lose Your Glasses Again!

The EyeCarry case is NO ORDINARY case.

We spend a good chunk of money on getting the right pair of glasses to later find ourselves accidentally losing or breaking them!

The end result? Frustration as we hunt them down or worst still, spend hundreds more on a new pair!

We experienced the same problem! That was until we spent 4 years crafting the perfect solution. A revolutionary stylish case that stays with you all day long, so you never need to lose your glasses again!

eye carry pink

Unique Easy To Use One-Handed Opening

With its unique patented open face, you can access your glasses whilst on the move quickly and easily. Say goodbye to fumbling around in your purse to find your glasses or traditional case!

Lightweight and Portable

EyeCarry is designed to never leave your side in an accidental fashion. The patented design has a specialty clip (available in gold or silver) engineered to clasp tightly to nearly any belt. 

Glasses Protection Whilst On The Go

It serves to have a designated space for your glasses and protect them from damage. It saves you time and saves you money!


Spring Collection

Pink eyecarry case

Lesley Jordan Range


Our dear friend and brand ambassador Lesley Jordan adored pink! $5 from the sale of each Pink EyeCarry is donated toward his supported charity EB Research

beige case eyecarry

Lesley Jordan Range


Our brand ambassador Lesley Jordan second favorite color is beige! $5 from the sale of each Pink EyeCarry is donated toward his supported charity EB Research

grey eye carry



Look cool in grey. A neutral to match any purse, bag or outfit. Made with vegan leather, complete with belt hook, and a silver and gold colored clasp.

As seen on NBC

eyecarry pink


Shop All Colors

Take a peek at our entire color collection. There’s possibly one to match every purse or outfit.

Fact is. One is never enough!

eye carry female

Designed For Busy People On The Go

never lose your glasses again

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Now’s the time to stock up on your fall colors.

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Get ready to step out in style with your trusted companion!

  • 3909 4595 Sale!

    Leslie Jordan Beige EyeCarry Case

    Original price was: $29.99.Current price is: $14.99.
  • 3916 4592 Sale!

    Leslie Jordan Pink EyeCarry Case

    Original price was: $29.99.Current price is: $14.99.
  • 4585 3912 Sale!

    Limited Edition – Leslie Jordan LOVE Bundle – SAVE 30%

    Original price was: $89.97.Current price is: $44.98.
  • 4584 3916 Sale!

    Limited Edition – Spring Bundle – SAVE 30% (Pink, Beige, Blue)

    Original price was: $89.97.Current price is: $44.98.
  • 4583 3123 Sale!

    Limited Edition – Four Case Bundle (Royal Blue, Red, Grey, Deep Navy)

    Original price was: $119.96.Current price is: $59.98.
  • 3064 4600 Sale!

    Cherry Red EyeCarry Case

    Original price was: $29.99.Current price is: $14.99.

This is the best case ever! I used to spend a lot of money buying new glasses, but in this case, my glasses are always protected when I’m on the go. Thank you EyeCarry!

leslie jordan

Donate & Save With The Leslie Jordan Line

Leslie Jordan was our beloved friend and brand ambassador.

His favorite colors in our range were pink and beige.

Therefore, in honor of his memory, $5 from each case sold will be donated to Leslie’s favorite charity, EB Research, the largest global organization dedicated to funding research to treat and cure Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB).

Thank you for supporting our and Leslie’s cause.