If you’re one of the two-thirds of Americans that wear glasses, you’re surely carrying them in some sort of protective eyeglass case. Prescription eyeglasses are a necessity in today’s busy life. You need them to drive a vehicle, read important documents, and protect your eyes and keep them healthy. If not kept in a protective case, glasses can be easily scratched, dented, or lost. Most eyeglass wearers have alarmingly had this happen to them. It’s then that they learn how expensive and time-consuming they are to replace.

Cases are especially important if you have a bad habit of misplacing your glasses. As we move about our daily lives, our eyewear accompanies us—to office meetings, the beach, medical appointments, and legal actions. Some choose to recklessly store their glasses atop their head, hang them from their shirt, store them atop the locker at the gym, or on the dashboard of their car. 

No matter your lifestyle, cases are essential to carry and easily find. If you’re at the beach, your sunglasses can be damaged by sunscreen or sand if not in a protective case. Packing large totes with your children’s toys and snacks doesn’t allow a lot of room for your shades. 

What are the best eyeglass cases? 

When they’re not on your face, your essential eyeglasses need the best home possible Purchasing a bulky, large, colorful case will allow it to stand out amid all of the other necessities in your bags. You’ll find them in a variety of styles, from hard-cases to soft-fabric shells opening into a smooth protective interior lining. Most are equipped with some sort of mechanism to keep the case securely closed, such as a zipper, hinge, or squeeze-top closure. If you have several pairs of eyeglasses and sunglasses to store, there are even larger cases.

But even these cases are not the easiest to secure or protect your glasses. Enter F. Thomas Godart. After having trouble keeping track of his own glasses and trying out dozens of commercially available eyeglass cases, Godart decided to invent his own. He took his specifications to an industrial designer who created a unique optical accessory case. Then he began to test it. For the following two years, he wore the case on his belt and traveled around the world with it. His new invention even accompanied him to high-powered meetings with CEOs, political figures, and royalty.

After twenty-four months, his invention passed the test. He never lost nor damaged another pair of glasses. With that in mind, Godart decided to patent his eyeglass case design and gave it the name EyeCarry. Next, a team of talented product engineers and a Manhattan fashion designer put their heads together to create an elegantly styled yet robustly protected case that lived up to Godart’s high expectations. 

But what makes EyeCarry so special? Godart combined all of the problems of optical accessories and provided a solution to those challenges. His invention not only looks beautiful but serves an important purpose. No longer will you need to worry about broken glasses, bent frames, or misplaced cases. He built his special case to be rugged yet refined and stylish enough for any CEO in their boardroom. EyeCarry is suitable for most styles being worn today and offers a nearly universal fit. It can be easily secured to a belt or purse strap using the silver or gold clips included.

One of its most interesting features is how the EyeCarry case opens outwards to display its eyeglasses. This aesthetical and highly functional design is the first optical accessory with this feature and provides easy access to your glasses. 

“EyeCarry is just what the optician ordered,” Said Phernell Walker, MBA, ABOM Master Optician. “More than just a case, this innovation delivers what everyone needs and wants in a case… fashion, form, and function.  EyeCarry is comfortable to wear because it has a thin, flat profile that rests securely on your waist or hangs inside or out, to accessorize a handbag.  This stylish, convenient, and sturdy little case means fewer trips back to your optician for and adjustments and It’s effortless to switch between your indoor and sunglasses as needed”.

Depending on your circumstances, people are faced with different fashion choices. For a businessperson who usually wears subdued suit shades, an eyeglass case is meant to be discreet. For parents who carry purses, totes, and backpacks and are usually more fashionable in colorful clothes, an eyeglass case tends to be more modern or exotic. EyeCarry recognizes these differences and offers their eyeglass cases in a rainbow of colors. Godart’s designers chose particular accents for any color palette. They include Caviar, Saddle, Sapphire, Slate, Aquamarine, Praline, and Blush.

EyeCarry is the perfect solution for your eyeglass carrying needs. It offers a high-quality case that is both fashionable and functional. It’s the perfect gift for you or anyone else that wears eyeglasses.